Check out this super fast poster I threw together for our local school. Sometimes a limited time frame is great for just having to focus your energy and just get it done.

Food trucks and second hand books are a hard combination to beat – I’m going to be there for sure.


My sweet girl Elsie just turned two. She is just the most delicious bundle of laughter and hugs. A baby no more, she has firmly entered toddlerhood, and it just feels so bittersweet. I love hearing her thoughts formed into awkward sentences, and seeing her break into one of her crazy grins. I’m going to miss her snuffly baby-ness but am so excited to see her being unfold itself. Happy Birthday Elsie!


For spring break we took a short road trip to the Joshua Tree National Park. I am so grateful we did this, it was just so refreshing to be out of the city and out in the open landscape. The stark beauty of the desert took me by surprise. The kids rambled around in the sand on on the rocks in perfect happiness. Definitely the highlight of our journey.


Its always a little sad isn’t it? That dried out ol’ Christmas tree, decorations removed, drooping.

This last Christmas I kept the tree. I sawed off the branches and put them in the compost. But what to do with the trunk? It sat around in the yard a couple months, and when I finally got around to sawing that up, I realized I wasn’t exactly up for the task.

So off the the local hardware store, where they kindly helped me cut up that trunk into uneven chunks. That freshly sawed wood smells sooooo good! And those chunks are now a pile of blocks for the kids to build houses for fairies and tiny woodland creatures. They are perfect for the deck, where we also do water play and tea parties.

Such a fun and easy project, and a great exercise in recycling – I think we’ll do it again next year!


This is the outcome of my husband’s Saturday morning trip to the local farmer’s market. There is something so refreshing about the beauty of unopened tulips, the simplicity of flowers-in-a-jug-on-a-table. Seeing this scene every time I pass our dining table (which is often) I am reminded: Spring is on the way. Good things are to come.


My idea of a perfect afternoon: a cup of tea, sun streaming through the window, drawing with the kiddos. Have you seen the Ed Emberley books? He is a genius for putting together the simplest lines for maximum expression, and the step-by-step follow-along instructions are great for all ages. Hours of fun for a few bucks.

Here is Ed Emberley’s animal book on Amazon.

Check out our Ed Emberley versions below…


Offerings from the kids – Misha, six and Elsie, one.


Can’t resist to share a little peek into what I have been busy at work on the past few weeks… yes… a new app! No hints other than these drawings… You’ll have to check this space in a few more weeks…


A couple more posters I designed for a local public school. I started with the large fox but we ended up with the night sky and loopy lasso. Which one do you like better?


Technically, Valentines Day was yesterday, but its never too late for love people! And every day is a good day for a little extra loveliness. Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful day with your loved ones and little ones. My favorite part of the day was this handmade Valentine from my six year old daughter Misha.