We have received such an incredible response for The Math Tree. Its so gratifying to know that people out there in the world are enjoying it, and in particular that kids are both learning and having fun.

Giggle Apps says: “The app is very nicely realized for being an early math app focusing on easy addition and subtraction as well as teaching about zero – a concept that is not always included in this level of first apps for children. My son – now five – has math abilities past what is focused on in this app, so it is quite a compliment that he found it engaging.” Read the full review here.

At the iTunes App Store AlphaBamboo says: “This app is great for teaching basic math. Seeing, moving and being able to count the objects that are being added or subtracted is so helpful for understanding these concepts. My 2 year old and 4 year old both love it. We play it together but it is clear enough that they can play it on their own. Great visual and auditory reinforcement. Thank you!”

Thank you AlphaBamboo, Giggle Apps, and our other friends out there, for taking the time to leave some positive feedback for a product you enjoy. It inspires me to keep on truckin’!


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